Metal Tin Can Umkhiqizi for Packaging-YiCheng Industrial

Why Choose Yicheng?

Kwa-Yicheng, siyawaqonda amandla e-tin nomthelela wawo emikhiqizo. Ngesisekelo sobunjiniyela, ubuchwepheshe bokukhiqiza, kanye neso lemininingwane, sikulethela inani elingenakuqhathaniswa ezidingweni zakho zokupakisha.

Established independently in 2013, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy partner in crafting exquisite tinplate packaging.

Our customers consistently praise our responsiveness and reliability throughout the entire process, from concept to completion. Our seamless processes mirror the quality of the tins we create.

So, why tin packaging? It’s simple. We recognize the potential of this versatile and attractive material. It’s environmentally friendly and drives retail success. With Yicheng’s executive team boasting 20 years of combined experience, you can trust us to deliver excellence every step of the way.

Ingabe ufuna ukuthola abakhiqizi be-Metal Tin Can for Packaging e-China?

YiCheng Industrial will be your best custom tin box manufacturer in China.

As one of China’s best metal tin box companies, Yicheng is dedicated to consistently providing our customers in every industry with outstanding service and competitive pricing on our top-quality packaging and food packaging tin box suppliers. The Yicheng team is committed to offering ways to increase your income through Reduced Operating Expenses, Increased Sales, and Improved Productivity.

With more than 20 years of experience, Yicheng has the expertise to handle even the most complex packaging dilemmas. We know and understand your applications, no matter what industry you are in. Trust us to provide the products, services, and technical knowledge that will thrill you and help us build a strong relationship with you, helping your business thrive and grow.

The metal box company covers 10,000 square meters and has 10 product lines. Our management concept is “Safety, high efficiency, superior quality, low cost,” by which the tin box company sets up a quality management system, uses a complete quality management policy and standard inspection measures as the inspection tenet, and holds zero defects as the quality goal.

According to ISO9001: 2000, the tin can company took it as the standard for quality inspection to make product quality more perfect. All our products have reached the Food Safety Grade with SGS/ROHS/FDA/BPA certificates, and becoming the best tin box factory in China is the goal we have been pursuing all along.

As a major OEM metal tin can manufacturer, we have extensive experience developing creative ideas from customers. We can fully understand all the procedures through mutual communication, from tooling setup to product finish.

Daily capacity: 8,000pcs to 12,000pcs for normal tin box. 4,000pcs to 6,000pcs for special construction tin box. 130,000pcs approx.tin box for a semi-automatic machine

I-Metal Box Factory yethu

- Indawo yemboni: 20,000 square metres.

-The construction area of the factory building:10,000 square meters(4building)

-Imigqa yokukhiqiza: imigqa yokukhiqiza ye-30strip kanye nemigqa yokukhiqiza ezenzakalelayo engu-50 isiyonke.

-Total 200 machines included: -60 machines for 45-ton punching force.

-20 machines for 65-ton punching force and -20 machines for 80-ton punching force.

workshop 8

Ithimba elinolwazi oluphezulu lifake isicelo ku-R&D: Ihlala ilungele ukunikeza amakhasimende amasevisi ahlanganisiwe, okuhlanganisa ukusungulwa komkhiqizo kanye ne-OEM/ODM.

Metal Tin Can Umkhiqizi for Packaging-YiCheng Industrial

Sineqembu elihle kakhulu lomsebenzi elihlinzeka ngesikhathi sokulethwa kanye nenani elincintisanayo

Metal Tin Can Umkhiqizi for Packaging-YiCheng Industrial

Noma imaphi amaphrojekthi amasha okufaka amathini, sicela ukhululeke ukuxhumana nathi. Sibheke ngabomvu ithuba lokubambisana.

umugqa wokuphrinta webhokisi le-tin

Senza ibhokisi lethini elisezingeni eliphezulu leKhasimende laseYurophu naseJapane. Ipuleti lethu likathayela livela eNetherlands, elinobuchwepheshe obusezingeni eliphezulu bokuphrinta be-In house.

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