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Do you know the difference between a tin can and an aluminum can? Many people are confused between tin and aluminum cans and use them interchangeably. Since there are plenty of uses for both cans, the most common use is preserving and containing food. The tin and aluminum cans protect the food from air and light. Another reason for their widespread use is that they are recyclable and durable. Though both cans are used for the same purposes, they are different. Both cans are manufactured using different materials, have distinctive properties, and have varying manufacturing costs.

This post highlights the difference between aluminum and tin cans.


Tin cans have been storage containers for a long time. In 1810, tin was patented, while aluminum was used in 1965.

How to Get Tin?

Tin is a crystalline metallic element that is workable at room temperature. It is obtained from the mineral cassiterite, a compound of oxygen and tin. The refining process of tin makes it perfect for manufacturing. Tin is a rare material, ranked 49 on the most abundant metals list.

Moreover, tin is not corrosive material, making it great for cans. Nowadays, the tin can is made of steel with a thin plating of tin. This is to prevent the steel from rusting.

How is Aluminum Obtained?

As far as aluminum is concerned, it is a metallic element, just like tin. The difference is that aluminum is available and ranked at 3 in the list of most abundant metals. Earth’s crust contains 8.2% aluminum and 0.001% tin. It is challenging to refine aluminum, and is available in compounds in nature—for instance, aluminum oxide and potassium aluminum sulfate.

Over the years, many refining processes have been used. The aluminum cans are made using alloys of aluminum. The alloys are known for being lightweight and strong.

Which is Better?

When deciding which is better, it isn’t easy to make a final decision. Aluminum cans are lighter than tin cans, but tin cans are more durable. Aluminum cans are efficient when it comes to recycling. The cost of recycling aluminum is more than enough to cover the costs of recycling and collecting aluminum cans.

Aluminum is the 9th most abundant material that can be found everywhere in the world. This means that it will not be expensive to develop. Since tin is a rare metal, it is expensive for everyday objects. When it comes to the color of an aluminum can, is silvery white, whereas tin has silvery grey color.

In the end, both cans are good, but aluminum is better since it can be developed cheaply. If you are looking for good quality tin cans, Yicheng is the name to rely on. We have been providing excellent quality tin cans in various shapes and designs.

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