Custom Tins Based on Shape & Material

Welcome to our comprehensive selection of custom tins based on shape and material, ideal for bulk purchases. As a leading manufacturer, we offer a wide variety of tin boxes, including round, square, rectangular, oval, octagonal, and irregular shapes, as well as specialized tin ice buckets, pails, trays, aluminum tins, and PVC buckets. Our competitive prices and customization options ensure you get the perfect packaging solution tailored to your needs.

All Tins Based on Shape & Material Gallery

Explore our diverse range of custom tins, catering to various needs and preferences. Each category is crafted with precision and high-quality materials to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.

Round Tin Boxes

Round Tin Boxes

Perfect for cookies, candies, and other small items, our round tin boxes offer a classic look with customizable designs.

Square Tin Boxes

Square Tin Boxes

Ideal for packaging gifts, teas, and more, our square tin boxes combine functionality with a modern touch.

Rectangular Tin Boxes

Rectangular Tin Boxes

Versatile and spacious, these tins are great for storing various products, from chocolates to cosmetics.

Oval Tin Boxes

Oval Tin Boxes

With a unique shape, our oval tin boxes are perfect for creating distinctive packaging that stands out.

Octagonal Tin

Octagonal Tin Boxes

Our octagonal tin boxes, suitable for special gifts and premium products, add a touch of elegance and uniqueness.

Irregular Tin

Irregular Tin Boxes

Custom-shaped tins tailored to your specific design requirements are perfect for creating truly unique packaging solutions.

Tin Ice Bucket Pails

Tin Ice Bucket & Pails

Durable and stylish, our tin ice buckets and pails are perfect for parties, events, and promotional giveaways.

Tin Tray

Tin Tray

Functional and decorative, our tin trays are ideal for serving or displaying items in style.

Aluminum Tins

Aluminum Tins

Lightweight and durable, our aluminum tins are suitable for various uses, including food storage and cosmetics.

PVC PET bucket

PVC Buckets

Our PVC buckets, available in various sizes and designs, are a versatile and sturdy option for storage and packaging.

Customize Options

  • Round: Perfect for cookies, candies, and small items, available in various diameters and heights.
  • Square: Ideal for packaging gifts, teas, and more, with customizable dimensions to fit your products.
  • Rectangular: This versatile and spacious container is great for storing a variety of products, from chocolates to cosmetics, in various lengths, widths, and heights.
  • Oval: Unique shape that stands out, perfect for distinctive packaging, available in different sizes.
  • Octagonal: Adds elegance and uniqueness, suitable for special gifts and premium products, with customizable side lengths.
  • Irregular: Custom shapes tailored to specific design requirements provide unique packaging solutions.
  • Tinplate: Durable and traditional material, suitable for various uses, including food storage and decorative items.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, ideal for food storage, cosmetics, and more.
  • PVC is versatile and sturdy. It is available for buckets and containers and is suitable for a range of storage and packaging needs.
  • Matte: Provides a smooth, non-reflective finish that gives a sophisticated look.
  • Glossy: Shiny and reflective, enhancing the visual appeal and making colors more vibrant.
  • Embossed: Raised designs that add texture and a tactile element to your tins.
  • Debossed: Indented designs that provide a subtle, elegant effect.
  • Full-Color Printing: High-quality printing can produce vivid, multi-color designs to match your brand.
  • Single-Color Printing: Simple and cost-effective printing option for minimalist designs.
  • Pantone Matching System (PMS): Ensure color consistency across your packaging with precise color matching.
  • Custom Graphics and Logos: Personalize your tins with your brand’s logo, custom graphics, and unique designs.
  • Hinged Lids: Attached lids that provide easy access and secure closure, ideal for frequently accessed items.
  • Slip Lids: Simple lids that slide on and off, providing a seamless look and easy opening.
  • Screw Lids: Secure and tight closure, perfect for products that need to be kept airtight.
  • Clear Windows: Transparent windows in the lid or side, allowing a view of the product inside.
  • Handles: Convenient for carrying, available in various styles and materials.
  • Locks: Added security for valuable or sensitive items, including combination or key locks.
  • Compartments: Internal dividers to organize multiple items within a single tin.
  • Custom Inserts: Foam, plastic, or cardboard inserts to protect and display products neatly.
  • Custom Boxes: Tailored outer packaging to match your tins, providing additional branding opportunities.
  • Shrink Wrapping: Protective wrapping that keeps tins clean and secure during transport.
  • Labeling: Custom labels for additional information, branding, or barcodes.
  • Custom Shapes and Die Cuts: Create unique shapes that fit your brand and product needs.
  • Unique Design Elements: Special features like decorative knobs, engraved patterns, or thematic elements.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Sustainable options such as recycled tinplate or biodegradable coatings.

Customization Process

  • Customer Inquiry: The customer contacts the manufacturer with their initial requirements for custom tins.
  • Discussion: Detailed discussion to understand the customer’s needs, including the shape, size, material, and design preferences.
  • Plan Creation: Based on the customer’s input, develop a comprehensive plan outlining the production process, timeline, and specific requirements.
  • Mold Preparation:
    • New Mold: If a unique design is required, a new mold is created to match the specifications.
    • Existing Mold: If applicable, an existing mold that fits the design requirements saves time and cost.
  • Design Approval:
    • Drawings: Provide detailed 3D or 2D drawings of the custom tin box for the customer’s review and approval.
    • Die-Cut Drawings: Offer die-cut drawings that display the layout and design of the tin box, ensuring all dimensions and design elements are correct.
  • Artwork Approval: Finalize and approve the artwork, ensuring it meets the customer’s branding and aesthetic requirements.
  • Contract Confirmation: Finalize all contract details, including price, delivery schedule, and terms of production.
  • Deposit Arrangement: The customer arranges the deposit payment to initiate production.
  • Prototype Samples: Create initial prototype samples based on the approved design and artwork for customer review.
  • Sample Approval: The customer reviews the prototypes and provides feedback. Once satisfied, they approve the samples for mass production.
  • Material Purchase: Acquire high-quality tinplate material needed to produce the tins.
  • Material Inspection: Conduct thorough inspections to ensure the tinplate material meets quality standards and is defects-free.
  • Printing Setup: Prepare the typesetting and printing layout, ensuring the design and text are correctly aligned and formatted.
  • Printing Inspection: Inspect the printing process to verify that colors are accurate and text is clear and correctly positioned.
  • Material Cutting: Cut the tinplate material according to the approved die-cut drawings, ensuring precision in shape and size.
  • Cutting Inspection: Inspect the cut materials to verify that the dimensions and design elements match the specifications.
  • Punching & Assembly: Shape the tin boxes using punching machines, followed by assembly and cleaning to remove any residues or imperfections.
  • Final Inspection: Conduct a thorough quality check on the assembled tin boxes to ensure they meet the required standards.
  • Packing: Carefully pack the finished tin boxes to protect them during transit.
  • Warehousing: Store the packed products in a warehouse until they are ready for shipment.
  • Balance Payment: The customer arranges the remaining payment before the shipment of the goods.
  • Shipment: Organize the shipment of the tin boxes to the customer, ensuring timely delivery.
  • On Sales: The tin boxes are now available for sale through the customer’s channels or directly to end-users.
  • After-Sales Tracking: Provide after-sales support and track customer satisfaction to address issues or gather feedback for future improvements.

FAQs about Custom Tins Based on Shape & Material

Yes, we provide prototype samples based on your design for approval before mass production.

Production time depends on the complexity of the design and order size. Generally, it takes 4-6 weeks after sample approval.

Yes, we use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to ensure precise color matching for your designs.

Yes, we offer custom boxes, shrink wrapping, and labeling to enhance your product presentation.

We conduct thorough inspections at each stage of production, from material acquisition to final product assembly.

We accept various payment methods, including bank transfers, PayPal, and credit cards. Deposit is required to start production, with the balance due before shipment.

Yes, we ship worldwide and can arrange logistics to ensure timely delivery to your location.

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