chocolate box packaging 449x321 - Why are the tins packaging so popular in recently?

Tin cans are made from tin-plate which are mostly composed of steel and only 1–2% tin, which is present as a coating over the steel. The main purpose of tin cans is to preserve food. The following are the reasons why mostly tin is used as the coating material:

Ordinary metals would react to the acids that foods naturally produce and begin to corrode, releasing molecules that would not only destroy the can but also contaminate the food. In the past, this was a significant problem with lead, which would leach out dangerous toxins into the food packaged in lead cans. Tin, on the other hand, since it’s resistant to acidic combinations, is able to safely hold the food for a long period of time without corroding.
Tin is extensively malleable. A little amount of tin can be flattened into a large sheet. One pound of tin can produce as much as 130 square feet of tinfoil.

From wholesale cookie tins to whiskey packaging, tin packaging and decorative tins bring a touch of style and sophistication to your product packaging.

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