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We all know that cookie tins and biscuit tins made of tinplate are recyclable. Do you know what recycling methods there are? And which methods are the best?

How Can I Reuse Empty Cookie Tins?

When you finish a box of cookies and you don’t want to throw away the pretty cookie tin, what should you do? There are many ways we can recycle our tinplate cookie tins. First, clean them well. When the cookie tin still looks nice, you can use it as a storage box or a decorative container. Let’s explore more detailed ways to reuse empty cookie tins together.

Can You Put Empty Cookie Tins In The Curbside Recycling?

Of course, throwing the cookie tin directly into recycling when it’s not damaged seems a bit of a waste. I suggest putting it in roadside recycling only when it’s too damaged to be reused. That way, recycling the material makes more sense for its future use.


Upcycle Your Cookie Tins

After finishing your cookies, you can pick up your paintbrush and upgrade your cookie tin with colours and designs you like. You can also use fabric, favourite newspaper clippings, or drawing paper to cover your tin, completely changing how it looks. Stick on some stickers you love and use them to store small items on your desk, office table, or bookshelf.


Use Cookie Tins to Create Storage For Office Supplies

Empty cookie tins in our office to keep pens and small things organized. This way, when we need a pen or pencil, we won’t have to search around. You can also keep a stapler, paper clips, thumbtacks, small tools, sticky notes, and other little items in there. It’s both neat and handy!

Turn Your Cookie Tin Into A Jewelry Box

The empty cookie tins at home as mini safes to store jewellery. You can keep rings, earrings, necklaces, and other small jewellery inside! Keeping it in your safe or wardrobe makes it less likely for your jewellery to get lost.


Make A Festive Lantern With Your Empty Cookie Tin

Make turn pretty empty cookie tins into festive lanterns. Decorate the tin with your favourite designs and punch holes in the pattern. Put a candle inside and add a string at the top. When you’re playing with your kids at night, lighting the candle makes a really beautiful lantern!

Regift with Your Homemade Goodies 

Empty cookie tins to pack homemade cakes, toffees, and cookies, and give them as gifts to friends. We can also fill them with homemade goodies like candies, greeting cards, or toys as Christmas or birthday presents for kids!

Keep Popcorn Fresh for Movie Night at Home

Empty cookie tins to store homemade popcorn. Make plenty of popcorn and fill each tin for everyone in the family. When the weekend comes, enjoy watching movies together while snacking on popcorn tin!

 Use Empty Cookie Tins to DIY Chip and Dip Tray DIY 

Use empty cookie tins for DIY projects, like wrapping small cards or USB drives, even mini hard drives

Easily Add Compartments Into Cookies Tins for Small-item Storage 

Add compartments to larger cookie tins ourselves. This way, we can store different small items in the same tin. For example, kids can keep various toys, stickers, paper clips, pushpins, and other items organized by separating and categorizing them into different sections.

Cookie Tins Great Organizing Containers for Any Room of Your House 

Cookie tins are perfect for organizing any room at home. For instance, in the bedroom, you can use them for storing underwear or place them on a vanity to hold makeup, hair accessories, and combs. In the kitchen, they’re great for storing dry goods like beans, flour, grains, and rice. You can also use them to store small packets of spices and seasonings


There are many ways to recycle tin cookie tins, and the above are just some examples. Whether you like these ideas or have others in mind, feel free to leave a comment and share more recycling methods that you think are good!

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