How about the influence of consumer psychology on modern packaging design?

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1 Consumer psychology and contemporary packaging design
1.1 Consumer psychology
1.1.2 Consumer’s Emotional Process of Packaging Products
1.1.3 Consumer’s Will for Packaging Product Will
1.2 The relationship between consumer psychology and contemporary packaging design
2 Analysis of psychological adaptation of packaging design factors
2.1 Elements of Color
2.2 Text Elements
2.3 Graphical Elements
2.4 Elements of the Material
3 Package Design Driven by Personalized Consumer Psychology
3.1 Analysis of Personalized Consumer Psychology
3.2 Strategy for Focused Packaging Design
3.2.1 analysis of children’s consumer psychology
3.2.2 analysis of young consumer psychology
3.2.3 Psychological Analysis of Middle-aged People’s Consumption
4 Analysis of Elderly Consumer Psychology