The creative team at Yicheng are here to help bring your tin box packaging ideas to life. We are specialists in producing bespoke designed metal tins that help your product stand out on the supermarket shelves. Our service includes idea creation, prototype package development and production.

We are happy to support projects of all sizes, from small artisan producers to large multinational brands, with a bespoke MOQ of 5,000pcs. So get in touch to discuss your all metal tin packaging ideas with our creative team today.

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Nowdays, more and more Consumers are more conscious of single-use packagings like plastics and brands have started taking notice. So many big international company have all committed to replacing all single-use plastics by 2025 with recyclable materials. These are the lifeblood of many brands and committing to sustainable packaging like tin is an absolute must. Tin is a great replacement with a wide variety of benefits including being recyclable, hardy, and versatile. What’s more, tin looks great on the shelf and adds a premium look to any product.

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Second life Packaging

Second life packaging is another way of describing upcycling. Tin packaging has been used as second life packaging for years with consumers up and down the country storing trinkets, buttons and sweets in an old biscuit, tea and chocolate tins. These little treasure chests can be accessorised and adapted to a wide range of functions. A flower box, pencil holder or key storage, tin makes for great second life packaging.

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These consumer packaging trends look set to take the market by storm. Consumers are more and more committed to buying products that reinforce their lifestyle. Whether it’s protecting the environment, reliving your youth or embracing a bold new design, updating your design with these tin design trends is a surefire way to connect with your audience.

We work with projects of all sizes and offer a wide range of options from bespoke designed tins to standard, square, round and rectangular tins. Tin products are an instant hit on the shelves of any store and a must for any brand looking to improve their shelf appeal. If you’re interested in working with us contact us today or look at our portfolio to see how we can transform your product into a legacy.

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Welcome to contact us to design your own unique metal packaging.

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