food tin box 1024x837 845x321 - How about tin box to pack food?

The current European series of tinplates are available
To produce a variety of different types and shapes of food tins,
These tinplates mainly include: (1) Continuously coated tinplate Oral, used for the bottom of the DRD-coated tin box; (2) Tin box for easy opening; (3) Tinplate for tensile cans. Among the horses used to produce ultra-thin cans and crown caps, tinplate makes it very safe to open the bottle.
3. Tin cans for spray cans and cosmetic tinsTinplate for packaging is suitable for high-pressure spray Fog tanks to make this container meet international standards, The environment is harmless.
4. Makou for coating and chemical product containers tinplate has a pole for packing tin Good impact resistance and flame retardancy for these packages The manufacture of the container is in full compliance with the relevant “toxic substance” International regulations for transport and storage regulations”.To pack paints and paints, can make a lot of manufacturers Save on insurance costs.
5. Tinplate for special purpose packaging tinplate for packaging products with high printability, best suited for printing on various shapes of tin containers printing.

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