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As everyone knows, a tin can is made of thin steel coated with tin. Normally, it doesn’t rust easily if the tin coating isn’t damaged. However, if the surface lacks tin coating or gets scratched, it can easily rust. Do you know ways to prevent decorative tins from rusting?

Apply a coat of clear lacquer inside and outside the tin

In usual situations, before tinplate materials are formed into cans, they’re coated with a layer of clear varnish both inside and outside to protect the tinplate. If there’s a printed design, they first apply a white base or print a layer of white, then add the design. Finally, they cover it with a protective glossy or matte oil to prevent rusting.

Put the Tin Box in a Dry Place and Avoid Getting Wet

Everyone knows tin cans can rust easily. So, when storing them, it’s crucial to pick a storage space that stays dry. Try your best to keep tin cans away from moisture. If you keep them in a dry environment, they might not rust for months or even years!

Do not Scratch or Damage the Paint on the Outside of the Tin Box

The paint on the outside of tin cans does a great job of preventing rust. So, try to avoid scratching or damaging this paint while using tin cans.

Do not Wipe the Tin Box with a Damp Cloth

When tin cans get wet, they can rust easily. So, if a tin can gets dirty, try not to wipe it directly with a wet cloth. You can clean the surface with alcohol instead.

Don’t Damage the Paint Printing

The best way to prevent rust on tin cans is to avoid damaging the paint or printing on the surface. Try not to harm the coating on the surface.

The Manufacturer should pay special attention to the Processes

The manufacturing process of tin cans is when the surface can easily get damaged. So, during production, it’s crucial to take extra care and protection, from cutting to shaping and even packaging. Be extra cautious and avoid contact with sharp or hard objects!

Choose a good material to prevent rust

Besides being careful during production, you can also choose better materials for making tin cans. There are imported tinplate and regular tinplate materials. They might have a slight price difference, but usually, the imported high-grade tinplate has a thicker tin coating, which is better at preventing rust

Spray a light coat of clear enamel rust-resistant spray paint on the inside of the can.

Tin cans can also be protected from rust by using spray paint. This paint is usually thicker and comes in a single color, but it’s the best at preventing rust. It can be sprayed on all parts, including cuts and scratches.

Place graphite paper on the primed surface

To prevent tin cans from rusting, you can also place graphite paper on surfaces with primer. However, this method isn’t commonly used.

Cleaning Light Rust

When part of a tin can rust, you can remove the rust and then apply rust-resistant oil.


Compared to other packaging materials, tin cans are more heat-resistant, and moisture-resistant, provide better protection, are less prone to rust, have mature production techniques, and offer reliable sealing. They can effectively protect products on the market. Just handle and store them carefully for your everyday use.


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