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In modern life, you can find cookie tins packaged in tin cans everywhere. Some tins are simple, with just one colour and a raised logo or a 3D cookie shape. Others come with cute decorations, handles, or even locks. More feature elaborate prints with stories or delicious smell-looking designs make you want to take them home immediately. Big brands like Disney and Blue Tin Cookies often use tin cans for their cookies. Follow along in this article to discover more about the wonderful uses of cookie tin packaging!

History of Tin Boxes


The concept of cookie tins originated in the late 19th to early 20th century, The tin box can be traced back to 1795 when Napoleon Bonaparte offered a reward of 12,000 francs for anyone who could invent a method to preserve food over long distances and time without damage. In 1810, Nicolas Appert invented a method to store food in sealed containers and obtained a patent. Over the centuries, cans have been used to preserve and store various goods, including cookies, tea, coffee, tobacco, spices, chocolate, and more. The sealing property of these containers helps extend the shelf life of the stored items!


What Are Cookie Tins Made of?


Cookie tins aren’t made of tin but are crafted from tin-plated steel. They combine the strength and cost-effectiveness of steel with the corrosion resistance of tin. The beautiful designs of your favourite brands that we see in the market today can be traced back to the late 20th century. The semi-thick steel and tin-plated sheets used to make cookie tins are flexible and stretchable enough, allowing for simple and affordable production. These tins can also be made in any colour, shape, or unique design for your brand cookie packaging!


Different Types of Cookie Tins

Cookie tins come in various types with different materials. There’s a tinplate, also known as tinned steel, which is a thin steel sheet coated with tin on the surface, providing corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, a shiny appearance, and lightweight, and high strength compared to materials like paper and wood. The other type is the Zinc tinplate, featuring a strong corrosion-resistant zinc coating, no rusting and a distinctive zinc pattern, often used for Ice buckets, Another one is the Silverglow tinplate, where you can see and touch the sand on the face, usually used for tea boxes and high-end pen cases. In terms of structure, there are two-piece seamless cans and three-piece cans, the latter typically composed of a lid, body, and bottom. As for shapes, you’ll find round tins, rectangular tins, square tins, triangular tins, octagonal tins, oval tins, heart-shaped tins, irregular tins, car-shaped boxes, book-shaped boxes, and various other shaped tin containers.

Do Tins Packaging Keep Cookies Fresh?

Metal tins can keep cookies fresh and crispy. Cookie tins are sealed, and Eco-friendly. When cookies are stored in a metal tin, they act as protective packaging, reducing exposure to the external environment. The sealing of tinplate tins effectively prevents air circulation around the cookies, extending their shelf. This can help prevent moisture absorption, making cookies become soggy or lose their crispness.  Of course, it’s important to ensure the metal tin is clean and dry when storing cookies. Residual moisture or crumbs in the tin can affect the freshness of the cookies. Additionally, it’s recommended to store different types of cookies separately or use different tins to avoid the loss of cookie flavours.


Why Use a Tin Box for Cookies?

In recent years, in the market, you can see more and more cookies being packaged in metal tins. There are so many advantages to using tin containers for cookies, and you can check out the following Tips:


Advantages of Cookie Tins

Durability: Tin is a sturdy and durable material that protects packaging cookies. It helps prevent external pressure from crushing or deforming the cookies, and is corrosion-resistant, ensuring the integrity and aesthetics of the cookies.

Versatility: Tin packaging can take on various shapes, including cans, boxes, irregular tins and unique containers, making it suitable for a wide range of products. Its versatility allows for creative and eye-catching designs, enhancing the appeal of the brand.

Aesthetics: Tin packaging exudes timeless charm and elegance. It can be decorated with vibrant colours, 2D and 3D embossed patterns, and intricate designs, making it eye-catching to customers.

Product Shelf Life: The sealing performance of tin packaging provides an effective barrier for cookies against light, moisture, and oxygen. This ensures the quality of cookies for a longer time, extending their shelf life and helping to maintain their freshness and flavour.

Customization Options of Tins Packaging for cookies

How to Design Cookie Tins

First, determine the weight of the cookies and think about what shape and size of tin container would be suitable for your existing cookies. Then, you can start designing the print on the surface of the tin container. The tin container can also have windows, raised logos, or embossed 2D and 3D patterns. You can also add paper or vacuum-formed trays inside the box to protect and secure the cookies.

Printing Types of  Cookie Tins

Cookie tins not only offer versatile shapes but also have many printing options. The base colour can be metallic, white background, or white printing on a tinplate. For design, you can choose Pantone printing, CMYK printing, shiny finishes, matte, half shiny with matte, explosive oil, rubber oil, pearl oil, orange peel oil, and laser finish.

Are there any limitations to the shapes of Cookie Tins?

There may be some limitations; it depends on the specific structure to determine if it can be moulded!

How to Choose the Right Cookie Tin

The best choice is what suits your cookies. First, consider the shape, structure, and printing of the Cookies tins. Figure out how to create a unique image to enhance your brand!

Is a Cookie Tins an Airtight Container?

Yes. Usually, all cookie tins can be Airtight.

Why Are We Not Using a  Plastic Box Instead of a Tin Box?


There are several reasons to choose tin packaging for cookies instead of plastic:


Durability and Corrosion Resistance: Tin is generally more durable and corrosion-resistant than plastic, making tin containers sturdier and less prone to breakage. 


Strength and Temperature Resistance: Tin containers are relatively stronger than plastic and can endure high temperatures. Plastic containers may not withstand high temperatures.


Design Flexibility: Cookie tins allow for the printing of exquisite and unique designs, including embossing or debossing, which may be better than in plastic containers.


Environmental Sustainability of Recyclability: Tin cookie tins can be reused for decoration or storage after you finish the cookies, promoting sustainability. Plastic may not be as versatile for secondary use.


Choosing tin packaging not only ensures better protection for your cookies but also offers design flexibility, durability, and environmental benefits.



What standards do Cookie Tins for Food products meet?

Firstly, Safety: Meeting Food-Grade FDA Testing Standards. Safety is crucial since cookies come into direct contact with the container. The basic requirement is that it should be harmless to the human body. Ensure that canned food meets international hygiene standards.

Secondly Convenience: As a container for storing cookies, it needs to be easy to carry, open, and access the food. It must also be suitable for long-distance transportation.

Thirdly Sealing: Because cookies can spoil when exposed to air for a long time, a reliable airtight container is necessary to extend the shelf life of the cookies.


Some Reasons Cookie Tins are Desirable


Personalized Printing: You can print your own customized messages.

Match Cookie Flavors: Choose tins that match the flavours of your cookies.

Beautiful Gift Packaging: Ideal for presenting cookies as exquisite gifts, keeping the holiday traditions alive!

Reusable: Cookie tins can be reused.

Low Budget with Long Shelf Life: They offer a low-budget option with a long shelf life.


Can Cookie and Popcorn Tins Recycled?


Yes, tin containers are made of recyclable and environmentally friendly food-grade materials.


How I Package Cookie Tins


You can use your cookie tins to create beautiful gifts for friends or include them in a larger gift package as small presents or decorations.


Cookie Tins Trend 2024


In 2024, the world of cookie tins is set for some exciting developments. Here are expected trends that will redefine cookie tin packaging:


Personalization Wave: Customization continues to lead the cookie tin trend. Consumers increasingly prefer personalized prints, unique shapes, customizable flavor combinations, and exquisite embossing. Using tin cans for cookies isn’t just about packaging—it’s about enjoying an experience tailored to personal preferences.


Functional Innovations: Expect more diverse packaging combinations incorporating tin with other materials. Functional innovation in tin packaging will grow, featuring combinations with leather-like finishes, PET windows, angular designs, and even sailboat-shaped tins. There will also be more accessory additions like plastic components and magnets.


Collaborations and Collector’s Editions: Anticipate an increase in collaborations between cookie brands and artists or influencers. With the recyclability and reusability of tin cans, more people are inclined to collect these tins for home decor or as elegant storage solutions, placing them in various corners of their homes.


Where to Buy Cookie Tins


Buying cookie tins is simple nowadays. You can search “tin can factories” on Google. Look through the factory details, check their qualifications, and find one that fits your needs. You can also reach out to us; we believe we have the right packaging for you and can assist in creating your unique brand design.


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