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Looking to customize your cookie tin box packaging? This comprehensive guide addresses frequently asked questions about customizing cookie tin boxes. Discover the answers you need to create your ideal packaging and learn how to achieve a high-end design that stands out. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to contact our expert customer service team for personalized assistance.


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Let us help you craft packaging that speaks volumes about your brand’s essence, ensuring your biscuits are a treat for both the taste buds and the eyes.


  1. How Much Does Custom Cookie Tin Box Packaging Cost?

Get instant quotations for cookie tin boxes of any shape. Provide details like shape, size, material, material thickness, quantity, and printing requirements. Prices are updated in real-time based on your specifications. Generally, larger quantities offer better prices. For instance, a custom-made round cookie tin box (size: 105x225mm) with a quantity of 5,000 could cost around $1.85. Please note that quotes are valid for one week, excluding shipping costs.


  1. Can I Request a Quotation for Cookie Tin Boxes?

Contact our customer service team for accurate quotations if you need more than 10,000 pieces. For quantities between 3,000 and 5,000, you can obtain pricing through our customer service system.


  1. What’s the Estimated Delivery Time for My Order?

Delivery times depend on customization quantity. Production takes about 30-40 days, covering proofing, printing, cutting, and packaging. Shipping time ranges from 30 to 45 days after production, depending on your location and chosen shipping method.


  1. Minimum and Maximum Order Quantities:

The minimum order is 3,000 cookie tin boxes, and quantities above 3,000 are available. For more than 10,000 pieces, contact customer service.


  1. Can I Order Samples Before a Large Order?

Absolutely! We offer sample proofing, with sample costs ranging from $300 to $500. Additionally, existing samples are available for free, though you’ll need to cover shipping expenses.


  1. Confirming Design Before Printing:

Before printing, our prepress team sends you the final design for your review and confirmation. Once confirmed, the design is added to our production plan.


  1. Ensuring High-Quality Printing:

Our pre-press team provides professional solutions to avoid printing issues. We ensure quality and address any problems, like blurred or low-quality images.


  1. Customized Tin Box Thickness and Material:

Our cookie tin box material is 0.23-0.35mm thick and includes galvanized iron, frosted iron, and silver light iron.


  1. International Shipping:

We ship globally via our foreign trade department. We’re adaptable to various shipping requests.


  1. Professional Tin Box Packaging Design:

Our skilled design team offers design plans, covering style, printing, size, and materials.


  1. Mould Cost for Cookie Tin Box:

Mould costs depend on box structure complexity. Complex structures range from 1000 to 5000 USD, while simple ones cost about 300 to 500 USD.


  1. Custom Cookie Tin Box Timeline:

Custom delivery times vary based on structure, production process, and quantity. Generally, more complex designs take longer, but simple structures can be faster. The estimated shipping time is around 35 days.


  1. Requesting a Sample:

You can request samples; digital samples are free, while larger samples come with charges. Orders over $125,000 qualify for full sample cost refunds.


  1. Pricing Factors for Custom Cookie Tin Boxes:

Customization prices depend on factors like quantity, printing process, colours, materials, and more.


  1. Colour Discrepancies in Proofing:

Differences between proofed and computer images arise due to monitor colour variations. Different proofing methods also impact the final presentation.


  1. Pantone Color and Four-Color Printing:

Spot colour printing and four-colour CMYK printing serve specific needs. Spot colours are used for uniform colour blocks or specific hues, while CMYK is ideal for multi-coloured artworks or photos.


  1. Achieving High-End Appearance:

High-end cookie tin box packaging results from unique designs, special printing techniques, and quality materials.


  1. Understanding Price Discrepancies:

Different manufacturers, materials, processes, and equipment lead to price variations. Consider quality, not just price.


  1. Preparing for Customization:

Provide qualification certificates, design sources, product samples, dimensions, and specific requirements.


  1. Four-Color vs. Pantone Color Printing:

Four-colour printing (CMYK) uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink. Spot colour printing employs specific inks for accurate colours.


  1. Elevating Packaging and Printing Quality:

Enhance packaging through novel design, special printing techniques, and high-quality materials.



This guide covers essential information about customizing cookie tin box packaging. For personalized assistance or more details, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. Create a unique, high-end packaging solution that perfectly showcases your cookies

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