Heart-shape chocolate tin box

If you are in the UK or planning to visit, and looking for the perfect gift, chocolate tin gift boxes should be your top choice. While the UK offers a variety of chocolate brands like Godiva, Swiss Thins, and Toblerone, local British chocolates stand out, especially in a country that cherishes its food culture. Today, we’ll introduce two famous British chocolate brands, Bendicks, and Amelia Rope, known for their heart-shaped tin chocolate gift boxes.


Bendicks, a world-renowned chocolate brand and a designated royal chocolate supplier to the British royal family offers a range of mint-flavoured chocolates, including Mint Crisps, The Mayfair Mint, and The Victoria Mint. However, their most famous product is Bittermints! Bendicks masterfully combines high-purity bitter cocoa with ice-cold mint, creating a delightful balance of bitterness and sweetness. Their stylish gift chocolate tin box packaging has made Bendicks the most popular chocolate brand in the UK.


Heart-shaped chocolate tin boxes have always been a hit among children, attracting men, women, and kids alike. Bendicks Chocolatier introduced a pink heart-shaped tin box chocolate gift box that captured consumers’ hearts. The same series is now in blue, offering cute little guests a novel and delightful chocolate gift with surprises that evoke memories of innocent childhood and romantic love stories.


The heart-shaped tin box chocolate gift box brings joy and deliciousness to customers. With 10 truffle-shaped chocolates, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, matcha chocolate, soft heart dark chocolate, and strawberry cheesecake-flavored milk chocolate, the tin box is a sweet and positive energy-filled treat.


Inspired by gourmet food, the Bendicks heart-shaped tin box chocolate gift box features a vivid heart-shaped window on the box, where a chocolate master, wearing a white uniform, enthusiastically serves chocolate ice cream to a customer. Exquisite tableware and delicious dishes are displayed next to the ice cream. This charming design makes the Bendicks heart-shaped tin box chocolate gift box a perfect gift for chocolate lovers of all ages, and it can be collected as a souvenir after enjoying the delicious chocolates.


Amelia Rope, a renowned British chocolate master and the winner of the BBC’s famous chef competition MasterChef founded her own chocolate company driven by her passion for chocolate. Handmade chocolates are available in cube and block forms, with thirteen flavours packaged in different coloured tin foil and then enclosed in a simple and elegant custom tin box. Amelia Rope chocolates have won numerous Academy of Chocolate Awards, and flavours like Dark Ginger, Pale Lemon and sea Salt are highly sought after.


You can find Amelia Rope chocolates in London at Selfridges, Liberty, Fortnum & Mason, and Whole Foods. But if distance is an issue, fret not! You can conveniently buy Amelia Rope chocolates online.


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