Tin boxes

The History of Tin Boxes

Tin Boxes are made of tinplate, which is coated with a tin layer on its surface. This material, also known as tin-coated iron or SPTE in English, is resistant to rusting because of the tin layer. SPTE is a type of thin steel sheet or strip coated…
Tin container

Why Tin Containers with Lids are Essential for Storage?

What is a Tin Container?  A tin container is a box or can made from tinplate, commonly used to store food, gifts, and various products. These containers are heat-resistant, non-toxic, odourless, and environmentally friendly for packaging.…
Tea tins

How to Recycle Tea Tins, Coffee Cans and Cookie Tins?

Everyone knows that Tea Tins, Coffee Cans and Cookie Tins are recyclable. Do you know how to recycle metal tin cans? What can we do before recycling to help with the process? Classification and preparation Before recycling tea, coffee, or…
Metal Tin packaging

Advantages of Metal Tin Packaging

Today, there are many different types of packaging in the market. They vary in materials, sizes, shapes, and designs. For consumers, when choosing a product, the first thing they notice is its packaging. Like comparing different product brands…
Cookie Tins

The Ultimate Guide for Cookie Tins

In modern life, you can find cookie tins packaged in tin cans everywhere. Some tins are simple, with just one colour and a raised logo or a 3D cookie shape. Others come with cute decorations, handles, or even locks. More feature elaborate prints…
Metal Can box

Designing a Stunning Metal Candy Box: Tips for Irresistible Packaging

Introduction: When envisioning candy, we imagine vibrant colors and delightful flavors. Crafting an appealing package is the crucial first step in winning over customers. The right candy packaging not only entices but also evokes a sense of…
Custom coffee tins


The Perfect Packaging Solution for Your Coffee Brand Coffee is not just a beverage; it's a daily ritual that brings joy and satisfaction to millions of people worldwide. As a coffee brand, you understand the importance of delivering a memorable…
Biscuits Tin Boxes


In today's globalized economy, packaging plays a crucial role in the success of a product. Designing attractive and effective tin box packaging is a top priority for biscuit manufacturers. A well-designed biscuit tin box can protect the product,…
Tin Box

How to let your products become a benchmark with your product field?

It may be in the different type of packaging you use for your project that you will find the key. Do you want to arouse emotions and sensations in your potential customers, stand out from your competitors’ products, and become a benchmark…

How we can help transform your products packaging to increase the sales?

The creative team at Yicheng are here to help bring your tin box packaging ideas to life. We are specialists in producing bespoke designed metal tins that help your product stand out on the supermarket shelves. Our service includes idea creation,…