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Why are the tins packaging so popular in recently?

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Tin cans are ideal for packaging food products. The food is preserved, long-life (airtight packaging) and fresh. … Tin cans are also easy to transport, also across longer distances. Our tin can packaging meets the demands for food safety and is extremely suitable for high-speed filling. Tin cans are made from tin-plate which are mostly […]

How about the influence of consumer psychology on modern packaging design?

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1 Consumer psychology and contemporary packaging design 1.1 Consumer psychology 1.1.2 Consumer’s Emotional Process of Packaging Products 1.1.3 Consumer’s Will for Packaging Product Will 1.2 The relationship between consumer psychology and contemporary packaging design 2 Analysis of psychological adaptation of packaging design factors 2.1 Elements of Color 2.2 Text Elements 2.3 Graphical Elements 2.4 Elements […]

How to control the tin packaging printing quality?

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Precautions and control management methods for color difference failures 1. Pre-printing stage management method (1) The printing engineer must read the production process sheet carefully to see clearly, The quality requirements of the printed workmanship on the printed color, while clearly printing the color, The color standard is digital proofing or inkjet proofing, spot color, […]