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Are you tired of the same old cake shapes? Discover the latest trend in the US dessert scene with our small cake tin boxes, offering a fresh way to present your cakes in stylish, edible tinplate containers. Small cake tins are the perfect solution for desserts like cheesecake, rich fruit cake, and delicate layered baking. Whether you’re baking for a smaller celebration or looking for a delightful gift, our small cake tin boxes are the ideal choice.


Small Cake Tin Box Manufacturer:


Looking for a new and exciting way to showcase your cakes? With thirteen different flavours and eye-catching container shapes, our small cake tin boxes are gaining popularity among dessert enthusiasts. Your cakes will look even more appealing when presented in these unique tins.


High-Quality Small Cake Tin Boxes:


Originally designed for drinks, cans and bottles have now become fashion-forward favourites in the world of dessert making. These simple and compact shapes open up endless possibilities for creating stunning desserts. Imagine the fusion of a Panna cotta-style dessert with gelatin, cheese, and fresh cream, all beautifully presented in one of our tin cake tins.


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Don’t have a traditional cake container? You won’t believe how beautifully your cakes will transform when placed in one of our tin boxes. From multi-layered mousse to creative combinations of ingredients and colours, your cakes will stand out from the crowd.

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Perfect for Smaller Celebration Cakes


If you have a small family or only a few cake enthusiasts to please, there’s no need to bake a large fruit cake that goes to waste. Our small cake tin boxes allow you to share delicious cakes with 3 to 4 people without wasting a crumb. Additionally, they’re perfect for gifting, whether it’s a salted caramel cheesecake for two or a special layered cake.



Attractive easy-peel non-stick coating: Our tin boxes are made of tinplate, ensuring even baking and easy cake release without sticky residue. Plus, they feature a beautiful blue “sparkling” effect that adds charm to your kitchen.


Other Features: Our tin boxes are transparent, hygienic, and provide a good seal for freshness. They are also environmentally friendly.


Custom Small Cake Tin Box Pricing:


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Embark on a journey of packaging excellence with Tin Box packaging. Elevate your dessert presentation and create a memorable experience that combines taste and visual appeal. Choose Tin Box packaging for the ultimate protection and presentation of your cake food, leaving a lasting impression on discerning palates and appreciative eyes.

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