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Welcome to YiCheng Industrial (Shenzhen) LTD, a leading tin box manufacturer specializing in custom and wholesale solutions for international customers. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, customizable tin boxes that meet your specific needs.

Discover Our Most Popular Custom Tin Boxes


Food Tins

Food tins are perfect for packaging various edible products, ensuring Eco-friendly, freshness and safety.

Decorative Gift Tins

Decorative & Gift Tins

Enhance the presentation of your gifts with our beautifully crafted tin boxes and metal containers in a wide range of shapes and sizes, catering to both large and small needs for decorative tins.

Festive Holiday Tins

Festive & Holiday Tins

Celebrate the holidays with our festive tin unique packaging solution collections, designed to add a special touch to your seasonal offerings.

All Tins Based on Shape Material

All Tins are Based on Shape & Material

All of our special-shaped and sized boxes can be fully customized with embossing on both the lid and body, adding a unique and personalized touch to your packaging.  Choose from a variety of shapes and materials to find the perfect tin box for your product

About Our Company

2013 we expanded our operations by establishing YiCheng Industrial (Shenzhen) LTD. Our manufacturing facility, Dongguan was established in 2006. With advanced technology and expertise, we produce a wide range of tin products in various sizes and shapes, including candy, wine, food, and cosmetic boxes.
Our comprehensive services encompass everything from 3D drawing and moulding to packaging and processing, ensuring that we meet the diverse needs of our customers. With a dedicated team of over 40 administrative and technical personnel and more than 300 skilled workers, we are equipped to deliver exceptional quality and service.
Our reputation for high-quality tin products has enabled us to forge lasting partnerships with renowned brands such as Lipton, Walmart, Disney, and Coca-Cola. Our business is focused on manufacturing tin boxes and various tinplate products.
Our hope with a clear vision of becoming an environmentally conscious company, dedicated to producing sustainable metal packaging with zero environmental impact.
Driven by these principles, we quickly emerged as a global leader in the production of custom tin boxes, earning recognition for our commitment to quality and sustainability.
At Yicheng, our journey is defined by a commitment to excellence and sustainability, as we continue to innovate and exceed expectations in the world of metal packaging.

Why Customization and Wholesale Tin Boxes From YiCheng

At Yicheng, we understand the power of tin and its impact on brands. With a foundation in engineering, manufacturing expertise, and an eye for detail, we bring unparalleled value to your packaging needs.

Competitive Pricing

Enjoy cost-effective solutions with our competitive pricing on bulk orders, maximizing your budget without compromising quality.

Customization Options

Bespoke every aspect of your tin boxes, including size, shape, colour, printing, and embossing, to perfectly match your brand.

Safe and Eco-friendly

Food-grade containers suitable for all types of products & Fully recyclable and eco-friendly tin boxes

Various options to choose

Availability of a wide range of shapes and sizes already in our existing mould, fully customisable metal packaging.

Your One-Stop Custom Tin Box Manufacturer

We turn your packaging ideas into reality by offering an extensive dedicated service. Here’s how we bring your custom tin box project to life in five concise steps:

Step 1. Design and Make Emboss mold

Step 2. Material Selection and Printing Material 

Step 3. Production

Step 4. Clean and Packing

We Our Customers Said

“A speedy quoting process, quality samples upon request and delivery when promised”


“Yicheng continues to help us identify areas of opportunity in the market and win key accounts through channel support with excellent service and product quality”

VincentUFO- Shineacs

“I deal with many suppliers, Yicheng is one of the very few that I can always depend on getting a response from in a timely manner. [Yicheng] always works to keep me informed of order status and the team does a wonderful job exceeding our needs”

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